Interview #1

Every month we interview people that inspire us and a lot of others. First out is no one less than the Swedish fashion blogger Maximilian Habobi, 25. Maximilian inspire thousands of followers on Instagram (@maximilianhabobi) and at the blog.


So Maximilian, first of all what drives you to inspire other men with your personal style?

-To inspire others is an extra feature of what i´m doing. Ever since I was a young boy I have put an interest to put an effort in what i´m wearing, I have always loved fashion and clothing and I will always do. Today it is my daily work to put on new outfits and inspire other people to what i´m wearing and how to combine the pieces all together. That´s what I do, it´s a kind of marketing for the brands and stores I collaborate with.

What is the key pieces in your wardrobe? 

-Definitely jackets and sneakers 🙂

Where do you find your inspiration and how do you apply it to your own personal style?

-Instagram is a great source for inspiration, but it is of course also to have a great “eye for style”. To show attitude for what you’re wearing is one of the key ingredients. ATTITUDE!

So attitude you say. How do we put in a little bit more of our attitude to the spring of 2016? What key pieces should we invest in?

-Yes haha. You should definitely invest in a pair of sneakers and a leather jacket, but of course also some thinner pieces so you don´t get to warm wearing your leather jacket. It seems like we gonna have a great spring here in Scandinavia and a hot summer of 2016. Stay positive!















Tiger of Sweden
Pants: NLY MAN
Shoes: T.odo
Watch: Triwa

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