Interview #6

Every month we interview people who inspire us and a lot of others. Meet Eric Human (22) who´s a photo model in Australia. From Swedish and South African heritage, he´s currently in Sydney photographing with BOYSINSPIRATION. We went out for a shoot together and discussed team spirit, cultures and travelling.


So Eric, tell about about yourself.
Hey! I’m a 22 year old. My mom is born in Sweden and my dad is born in South Africa which makes me a 50/50 mix. I would say that I am very spontaneous, funny, competitive, passionated guy with a big heart. Love in various forms are important for me and the combination of love and passion makes me a dangerous competitor in the different branches that are inside my career scope.

During my childhood, me and my family travelled a lot together which has lead to a good eye for different cultures. I’ve learned that not everyone are the same but we all live on earth together. I believe that we all need to take care of each other. Many of my interest and thoughts always lead back to love. Maybe it is because I’m born into a small family, a family that stands as one.

The younger version of me was 100% sure that football or handball would be the path to choose. As it turns our, other interests took over. But the sports I played taught me the importance of team spirit. I am strong alone but much stronger with friends. It also boosted my competitiveness. I truly can’t lose, a attribute that I both love and hate.


What’s the best benefits of being a model?
All the free products?! No but being a model started as a hobby and has turned out to be more and more serious. I can’t believe that I’ve only been a model for a year now and still done so much. It’s amazing what a year can do to you. The best thing Modelling have brought to me is confidence. I want to be the best version of myself to be the best of the best in whatever career I end up in and without confidence I won’t get there.


What’s your best sources of inspiration in your every day life?
I would say to surround myself with people who inspires me. If I’m always around likeminded persons, then we can inspire each other’s and together deliver success.


What’s up next? Any plans?
Well during the next couple of weeks my focus will be on school as next semester starts at the end of February and hopefully will our Sydney project lead to something exciting. In addition, training will be a high priority to keep me mentally ready for any challenges school and modelling might bring.



Shirt: Wood Wood Copenhagen
Backpack: Royal Republiq
Timepiece: Horse
Chinos: Dr. Denim
Sunglasses: Kaibosh
Loafers: Private

All the items is available online at and at Somewhere Store in Melbourne as well as at Someplace Store in Sydney.

See more of Eric Human on Instagram (@eric.human).

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