Get your swimwear back on track, keep the colours simple, keep the cut narrow and you can’t go too far wrong. The trend you want to focus on comes in the shape of a square. Nothing too tight – nor too baggy. We went out to capture the Hilfiger beach look at Bondi Beach.

tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-17tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstromTommy Hilfiger x BOYSINSPIRATION (Model - Eric Human) Photo by Carl Johan Malmström 27.jpgtommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-15tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-7tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-9tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-8tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-6tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-18tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-4tommy-hilfiger-x-boysinspiration-model-eric-human-photo-by-carl-johan-malmstrom-16eric-human-carl-johan-malmstrom-edit-2

Model: Eric Human (@eric.human)
Photo: Carl Johan Malmström (@cjmalmstrom and @boysinspiration)


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